Free Videos


Hundreds of hours of free instruction are available to watch on the Swatches YouTube channel. If you're new I suggest starting with the Popular and Art Fundamentals playlists.

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Feedback Assignment


Push your skills and receive feedback on your work with the monthly art challenges! Being able to follow an outline and meet a deadline are essential skills for an artist.


Video and eBooks


Go in-depth into the principles that make a great artist. From light behavior and composition to visual narrative and portfolio building, Clint teaches on all art topics. Visit store HERE


1-on-1 video Consults


No video or book can replace the ability to ask a question and receive an answer. Schedule a 1-on-1 video consultation with Clint and get professional feedback.

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Video and eBooks


Subscribing to Swatches on Patreon will guarantee you will be first to receive new educational materials at the best rate. You can also get access to the Video Library and video critiques.

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Self-taught or Feedback


Push your art skills to the next level by diving into a multi-week course! Receive feedback on your homework with a lectured class or self-study and save on the budget.